grudzień, 2017

20gru20:0022:00The Lonely Christmas Cabaret20:00 - 22:00 Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant


The holidays are supposed to be a happy time, time to share with family, time for cheer… But for some people that’s not possible. Some people’s families are in another city or country and they can’t go home this year. Some people don’t have families to go home to. Some people don’t have families they’d like to go home to. Some people will be spending the holidays alone, and to those people we say,


World-Wide Comedy is putting on a show for you.

It’s the second annual Lonely Christmas Cabaret in Vertigo Jazz Club, bringing not just stand-up, but magic, music, and much more to anyone who could use a good laugh during the holidays.

And just like last year, we’re taking that holiday spirit up another notch by giving. Nothing makes you feel better than giving to someone else, so we’re giving all the profits from this show to one of our favorite non-profit organizations, Czerwone Noski – Klown w Szpitalu, that do amazing artistic work in hospitals all across Poland to bring joy, laughter, and empowerment to children in hospitals, their parents and family, and of course the dedicated staff of medical professionals.

So join us for a cup of good cheer… Or whiskey, or wine, or whatever you like, share some laughs in the company of other lonely souls.


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śr., 20 gru 2017 20:00:00 - śr., 20 gru 2017 22:00:00


Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant

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